About Japan Electronics College

In 1951, Japan Electronics College was founded in Shinjuku Tokyo, the information transmission mecca. The college's initial courses consisted of training programs for radio and television technicians in the 1950's. The rapidly developing electronics industries and the increasing use of the computer in the 1960's and 1970's saw the college commence training courses in electronics and computers. The college further extended its curriculum to include courses in the creation of television programs and computer software. In response to the fusion of computers and the media in the 1980's we quickly opened courses to cultivate digital engineers and computer graphic designers, while at the same time establishing the foundations for the training of technical engineers with the capacity to work any where in the world. In the 1990's we introduced new courses to enforce students awareness of the global environment, teaching them the mechanisms of solar power etc. While strengthening our ties with related industries we have provided our students with practical training for improved placement within the workforce. In the year 2000 we introduced courses in Internet security to keep up with the developments in networking and the Internet. Ever since its foundation the Japan Electronics College has remained sensitive to global developments and has been committed to the training of professionals that meet the demands of society.

College History

1951 Established Japan Technology Association, Founded the Nippon Advanced Television Technical School
1961 Renamed to Japan Electronics College, 10th Anniversary
1963 Authorized to operate as Denshi Gakuen
1966 Certified by Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Japan
1967 Certified by Ministry of International Trade and Industry Japan
1976 Inauguration of Vocational Education Policy, Authorized to operate as an institution for vocational education. (Technical Courses)
1978 Became the first technical college to introduce an Online System
1979 Joint development of the Microcomputer Education System (MES-II) with NEC gaining a lot of attention at the International Computer Conference held in Washington
1981 Installation of Education Main Frame Computer HITAC M160H, Held college exhibition in commemoration of our 30th Anniversary
1985 Staged the 2nd CG International Symposium.
1986 Staged the Artificial Intelligence Seminar invited 7 pioneers in various fields, such as Professor
1987 The only educational institution to attend the AI Show (Tokyo Ryutsu Center), Continued visitation by foreign institutions.
1988 Held Japan-U.S. CG work exchange program "ATLANTA-SHINJUKU CO-GRAPH'88" at the Atlanta College of Arts in corporation with Fuji Television, Staged "Neuro-Computer" Forum presented by Professor Marvin Minsky
1989 Selected by the Ministry of Education as an institution for the development of advanced learning
1991 Visitation from members of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Information Processing, Members of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research (England), and the inspectional tour of the Japan-United States Education Commission(Fulbright Japan), 40th Anniversary
1993 Exhibited at Multimedia'93
1995 Commenced Technical Associates Program, Exhibited at the Mac World Expo'95 and the Digital Contents Festival'95, Full-scale implementation of the Internet into the college
1996 Exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show, Participated in the ''World Solar Challenge'' a 3000 km Race around Australia (Ranked 24th in the world), exhibited at Mac World Expo'96
1998 Exhibited at MIDI World'98 and the Tokyo Game Show
2001 Held ''College Exhibition'' at NS Building, Shinjuku in commemoration of the college's 50th Anniversary
2003 Completion of ''Denshi Gakuen 50 (10 aboveground floors and 2 underground floors)''
2004 The information security seminar and the creator lecture meeting was held.
2006 JEC students acquired the silver and Bronze medal at The 44th Japan skill Olympic.
JEC teachers and Students were invited to Siggraph2006 that world largest CG Academic society.
2007 The new symbol was completed that put the meaning one step forward into the world.

Programs and Courses

Game Production Course

Based on the original teaching material from the business needs,
since the beginning of the course, the students start to make their own game.

The school course that concentrate for the programming skill that is needed in the game creation. Even the beautiful graphic and impressive music couldn’t work without the program. In this course, the student will learn all the technique that a game programmer need, from the basic to the advanced lesson. After the school start, the student will be creating the game as experience while learning the high programming lesson at the same time while having fun.

Course Point

  • The first game creation course in Japanese colleges..The 18 years of “know, how” in teaching experience, using the original teaching materials.
  • The graduated student works in big game companies such as; Konami, Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco Games, Genki, Spike.
  • For this past 16 years, our students also exhibit their own works. There are some students who get scouted by game companies there.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Game Programer / Game Planner / Game Director / Game Producer

Advanced Game Programming Course

The best option for the student who want to learn about everything that is important for game production that had been compiled in 3 years study.

The course that teaches all the important lessons in advance that is needed for a game production in 3 years. Programming, CG, design planning, sound, all the skill that is needed in each departments in game world, and of course, a project to make a game with the same project style with the professional. This course trained the students of the first step to become a top game creator.

Course Point

  • The high quality student’s work could be bought and turned into a big game by game company from inside and outside Japan.
  • A lot of student’s work get chosen and nominated for Tokyo Game Annual Grand Prix, Fukuoka Game Contest, U20 Programming Contest.
  • The class will be developed by using the same project style with game production companies. The entire games projects are using high resolution images.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

: Game Programmer / Game CG Designer / Game Planner / Game Director / Game Producer.

Game Planning Course

From making the graphic to the marketing,
all a game designer’s needed skills are taught here.

All the skill that is needed to become an innovative program designer are taught here, preparing the student to become the power source in the business world. The main of this course is to make an original game, participate in the school event that will have pro game creator lecturers to help improving the student works. This course will teach the students how to be a high level and initiative game planner in the game world.

Course Point

  • The game world is currently in a strong need of game planner. A lot of the students end up working in famous game makers.
  • In 2 years, the student will create 6 games to learn the needed skill as game planner.
  • Using the game that is acknowledged by pro game planner, learning the skill with the other class mates.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

: Game Planner / Game Director / Game Producer / Game Programmer / Game CG Designer

Computer Graphic Course

A lot of the graduated student from this course,
work as a CG Creator in the first rank business world.

The first CG class in Japan that open in 1979.From creator to director, Movie both inside and outside Japan, CM, Television, animation, game business world are overwhelmed by 4200 graduated student from our school. Teach the student, even the beginner about the skill to become a CG creator with technical and creativity.

Course Point

  • A lot of graduated student participated in the “transformer” “Always sanchome no yuuhi” movie.
  • With the experience of 33 years in teaching using know how basic, our CG creator course nominated to a lot of contest, and get MayaMaster , .ect title.
  • Published MEL text book that using original sources for teaching MEL program that have a big position in CG business world

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

: CG Creator / CG Designer / CG Animator / CG technical Director / Technical CG Artist / Game CG Designer / Graphic Designer

CG Image Production Course

Advanced Visual Expression
VFX (Visual Effect) and CG are taught from the beginning.

Teaching CG, VFX (Visual Efect) skills, merging 3DCG with real pictures and other important skill that used in movies, television show, CM, Promotion Video, etc. recently. With a lot of pro in this business industrial, learning CG skill from the basic to advanced level so that the student will have the skill to work in the first rank of the CG business work.

Course Point

  • Modeling, Writing, Rigging, Animation, etc. All the important skills that is used in the CG picture production are taught here.
  • Communication skill are also taught by group work project and to be competitive with other class mate, while learning the advance merging skill.
  • Over 90% of the people that are working in CG department are graduated student from this college. Because of that, the student that graduated from this college are trusted, and can get a job offer smoothly.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

: Digital Artist / Modeller Animator / VFX Compositor / VFX Creator / CG Creator / Digital Picture Creator / Digital Compositor

Advanced Computer Graphic Course

Teaching the students to become world class
CG creators and CG engineers.

Using the curriculum based on the business needs, 3 years to learn CG design and program. The number one college course about high level CG creator in Japan. Having an overseas study trip to Los Angeles (which is the place for world’s most advance CG), to learn to become CG creators and CG Engineers.

Course Point

  • 3 years course of CG only course.3 years of experience make the students got upper hand in the business world for job offer compared to the other graduated student.
  • Collaboration between industry and academia with NEC Display Solutions, Digital Frontier, TBS, etc. to raise the students’ skill.
  • The students produce the world level hi quality CG works. The teachers and students’ are submitted and promoted for 34 times in a row in the world largest best CG festival SIGGRAPH.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

CG Creator / CG Engineer / CG Designer / CG Programmer / Game CG Designer / Game Programmer / CG Production Manager / CG Creative Director / CG Technically Director / CG Supervisor / CG Producer

Graphic Design Course

The course which focus in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
Enjoy learning the recent design skill!

The course where the students learn how to make a good design in advertisement, magazine, packaging, and web. Beside design, of course the way to put the idea into reality, and communication skill also being taught here. Moreover, the now ‘in’ skill that is needed also being put into the curriculum quickly. The beginner also will be taught about the recent design directly. The percentage to get a job is almost 100% every year.

Course Point

  • There is no worry for beginner! Using the mac, the students learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator from the basic.
  • Collaboration lesson with the company, learning the needed skill while having fun.
  • Opening the class for searching job, with the help of Digital Sign Age like electronic advertisement and other electronic media.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Editorial Designer / DTP Designer / Art Director

Animation Course

Learning how to make animation from the scratch.
Student could become an animator in the future.

Learning the skill that is needed to make an animation in 2 years. Beside the basic to make animation, the student also taught fine art, human croquis, learning the movement of human and animal. Moreover, all those skills would be used in motion images. Become the animator to lead the world’s famous ‘Japanese Animation’

Course Point

  • Using the first Japanese Animation , Animation Business “Animation Text Book” for the lesson.
  • A lot of graduated student now working as a painter, back ground artist, editing, colour director in animation business companies.
  • The famous person in animation world, like Kawamori Shoji (Macross), and Ishikawa Mitsuhisa (New Prince of Tennis) from Production I.G. also visited the school.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Animator / Animation Creator / Digital Editing / CG Animator / Character Designer / Back Ground Designer / Animation Director / Production Assistant / Digital Painter(Colour Director)

Animation Research Course

Learning about animation production from the famous person
in the director class in animation directly.

The course for people who like animation and want to learn about it deeply. Learning the basic skill for animation production like animation, editor, production assistant, digital paint, etc. Learning directly with famous people from the animation world, helping the student to become the first class creator.

Course Point

  • Learning from the basic of animator, back ground painter, editor, sound producer, and animation producer, widening the range of the job choice in the future.
  • The graduated student now is working in Japanese big animation production companies, join the famous animation staff. Our college is trusted by the business world, making the possibility to get a job almost 100% every year.
  • The famous people from the animation industries also helping the student directly, helping the student to learn faster.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Animation Creator / Animator / Digital Editing / Background Director / CG animator / 2D・3D Designer / Character Designer / Animation Director / Animator Producer / Digital Painter ( Colour Director)

Web Design Course

Learning about Desin and program skill,
and become a web designer in the future.

This course’s curriculum is designed so that the beginner will be able to understand the web design and programming skill easily. The student will also learn to make their own website. Moreover, this course will tell the student about the important things about how to deal with the customers.

Course Point

  • Learning HTML5 and CSS3 and other programs, also the new skills that are needed are put into curriculum quickly, teaching the student to become a pro designer.
  • Collaboration with Nihon Ryoko, Meiji Seika, Adobi, Sega Toys. The students will be able to learn about making a website completely.
  • 6 years in a row competed in National Olympic Tournament, up to this day we have received 25 medals. Moreover, we have also participated in the International Olympic Tournament.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Web Designer / Web Director / Web Creator / Web Programmer / Coder

Mobile Application Course

The first smart phone application course in Japan.
Make your dream come true as an application creator!

This course is opened as for the smart phone marketing that exploded in the world recently. As the first college course in Japan, our school will teach the students about the skills and creativity and how to accomplish it. As a spotlight in the IT business world, the chances to become a application creator after graduated is keep on getting larger and larger.

Course Point

  • Making the application for Iphone, Ipad, Android, and WindowsPhone. The finished applications are put into the application content marketing immediately.
  • The curriculums are created based on the skills that are needed according to people from Softbank solution provider, which makes our college different from other school.
  • Working as a creator smart phone application directly, helping the students to learn about the skills that is acknowledged in the marketing itself.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Mobile application programmer / Mobile contents programmer / Mobile contents creator

Information Business License Course

Learning about the business passion using
the newest Microsoft tool “Office 365”

The curriculums are based on the newest ICT tool “Office 365”, with the help from the Microsoft’s company itself. Learning how to become a high quality worker with a lot of skill by the first hand experience in Carrier Planning and group project. Information communication skills, and the ability to solve a problem are taught to the student to raise them as a business person that could work and survive in the business work. ※ICT = Information Communication Skill that focused in social network, video meeting, and collection information from the internet.

Course Point

  • The student will learn about ICT using the newest business tool from Microsoft, the “Office 365”
  • Teaches the students about communication and solving problem skill
  • The job searching is not a trouble as the students will get IT passport, MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) after the student graduated.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Main carrier track / General clerk / Administrator / General affair manager / Sales Person

Information Management Course

Guaranteed the beginner to level up using
the 5 steps stage up learning method.

In general, “programmer” is as person who use program, and control the system. In this course, the lesson are basically using the “fun and easy to understand” as a motto to teach the student to become a programmer. The curriculum is designed not to use the extreme speed up to help the beginner to learn about the subject better.

Course Point

  • Having the experience of 45 years in information management, teaching the computer beginner to become a success programmer.
  • Using the 3 step stage up, 5 of course of your own choice, using each student ability to level up
  • The school would not only give the graduated student IT passport that is acknowledge in the business world, the school would also support the student in finding a job.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Application Programmer / Web Programmer / System Engineer / System Application Manager

Information System Development Course

The first system engineer course in Japan.
All the skills that are needed to get the job is taught completely!

This course is teaching the student about the information system development to make them a good system engineer based on the consumer needs. From the nation to vendor, the work chances are high. A lot of the graduated students are working as a system engineer in the IT world.

Course Point

  • Using the common IT business which is “Common Carries Skill Frame Work” as a base. Teaching the advanced skill that has been approved by the IT business.
  • Beside the common information from the nations, the skillful person from the business world also comes to support the student.
  • Besides mastering the skill that is acknowledged in the market, our college was trusted for its long history, and now a lot of the graduated students are working in NTT Group, and Fujitsu Group companies.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

System Engineer / Application Programmer / Subside Engineer / Web Programmer / Java Programmer

Advance Information System Development Course

Experience the pro level of the system development company seminar.

Now, the high needs of the society is advance system engineers For the sake of that, our school will teach the needed data base skilled in the 3 years course program. Every year the level of the students that pass are high, as the course curriculum is designed to be understand easily. As long as the student could grab the lesson, they could get into their dream company.

Course Point

  • Having 3 years course, the student will have more time to understanding the advance IT skill.
  • The percentage of the graduated student could work in big group like Hitachi and Toshiba are almost 100%. The graduated student works there as the system engineer.
  • Quickly take part in Oracle Academy。With the original material, 3 of the Oracle Master (bronze, silver, gold) are taught step by step.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Advance System Engineer ( Application Engineer) / Database Engineer / Database Administrator / Application Programmer

Network Security Course

Become the Security Engineer that is acknowledged by
the society and business world.

Security is very important in the business company. Besides learning about the network and system architect, things about antivirus, pin code, and protection are also put inside the security skill. The student are raised to learn all the skills as a weapon to protect the society and the companies against the hacker and cyber terror

Course Point

  • The teaching material are developed together with the Japan Belsign Company that is in the top in the business for their electronic security.Become the security engineer that is acknowledge by the business world by learning the world basic skill inside the curriculum.
  • The student will have a real experience on how to face the forced access that is caused by the hacker.
  • The school will support both of the jobs searching and learning in the same time. A lot of the graduated students are working in the first rank company in the business world.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Network Security Engineer / Information Security Administrator / Network Manager / Network Engineer

Electrical Industries Course

The market needs that are never lack of offer;
become a skillful electrical industries people.

Starting from transforming equipment, this course will teach the advanced skill that is acknowledge in the industries world like learning to use the electrical industry equipment in first hand basis. The school will give a full support to the student to make them learn the skill that could be proved everywhere; from learning about the equipment from the pro, to the basic of the electrical itself.

Course Point

  • Will get the title of “2nd, 3rd class of Electric work specialist” without having to try the test that only has 10% chances of passing.
  • The industries need is always stable. The market is hardly shaken by anything; the student could get a stabile job from here.
  • The percentage of the job recruitment is almost 100% every year. Not just JR and subway rail way, the school will also support the student to get a job in the top business company.
※ after graduated, the 2nd class will last for 5 years, and the 3rd class will last for 2 years, under some circumstance, the student doesn’t need to participate in the exam again.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Chief Electrical Engineer / electrical engineering technician / electrical work operation and management engineer / Facility Design Engineer / Building Management Engineer / Plant Engineer / Telecommunication Engineer / Consumer Electronic Engineer

Electrical Engineering Technician

Getting the title of “Second Class of Consumer electronic”
with having to do the test.

The course to make the student as a Electrical Engineering Technician that could pass the life line. Our school is one of five college in Kantou Region that could give the title of 2nd class of Consumer electronic with having to do the test. For the sake of experience, the student will go into the location and work directly with the pro people from the same division.

Course Point

  • “1st class of Consumer Electronic” test pass percentage is 100% ※。
  • Strong against recession, every year the percentage to getting a job is 100%. Having a good reputation, the graduated students that working in this business work is around 3000 people
  • By putting the new network, solar power system into the curriculum, the student will have more field to try when searching for job.
※ 2011 included

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Electrical Industry Engineer / Electrical Industry System Management Engineer / Outdoor Electrical Engineer / Outdoor Electrical Manager / Network Construction Engineer

Electric Application Industry Course The lecture class and training class are all designed
so that even the beginner could understand the lesson properly.

The student will learn the application from digital camera, dvd recorder, smart phone, television, to electric car, robot that walk with two legs, and satellite. The national ground service also provided the professional lecture. Along with the company, the student will learn to become the engineer that fit the business needs while studying the original material from school also.

Course Point

  • The student will learn about FPGA, myconm that rank high in the society needs. In the future they could lead the technology field.
  • Win in the national college school, two legged robot competition, the course, along with another course.
  • There is about 20 000 graduated student until now. With the long years of studying, 1 person could apply around 200 divisions when searching a job.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Electronic Design Engineer / Micro Computer Engineer / Electronic Engineer / Audio System Engineer / Communication System Engineer / Computer Engineer / Game Console Engineer / Costumer Engineer / Digital Customer Electronic Engineer / Built in Engineer( Hardware)

Game Production Course

The first college that have game production course.
The student will learn all the game production basic skill.

The course to learn about programming in the game production. Learning from the first step until making original game with pro level skill The same with morning class, From writing the proposal to the game production, everything is leant by first hand experience, making the students as a skillful game creator.

Course Point

  • C language, Java language, DirectX program all will be taught so that even the beginner will level up to advance level.
  • Using the original teaching material, along with the business need and 18 years of “know, how” as the teaching method.
  • There are students who is juggling between school and working, and a lot of graduated student work in the famous game company.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Game Programmer / Game Producer / Game Planner / Game Director

Network Security Course

Learning the world level skill to become a security engineer

Security Engineer is needed to protect the industries and companies important information from virus and hacker that already being a world class problem. To balanced the short term class, the course will be concentrated on learning Cysco Networking Academy. Along with the top business company in developing program, the student will also learn about the basic skill for the security network.

Course Point

  • Learning from the basic material that is also provided by the electric security share top “Japan Belsign”
  • The student could also study at home using theinternet “WBT” “Remote Lab” systems
  • The student will get the CCNP CCSP LPIC. A lot of graduated student work in the first class business company.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Security Engineer / Network Engineer / Network Manager

Information management Course

Learning all the basic use of the program to become IT engineer.

The course will be raising the student to become programmer or system engineering as in the IT business needs, those two carries is always lack of human power. From lecture to fieldwork assignment, the student will learn about system and programming so that in the future they could have advanced knowledge in the programming world. From the usual information engineer test, to Oracle Master Bronze, the school will always support to student in searching for job.

Course Point

  • Both beginner in programming or PC doesn’t need to worry because like the morning class, this course will teach everything from the beginning.
  • Learning about system design and help boosting the student’s skill in 2 year to make them IT engineer.
  • The usual test for information engineer morning class are excused. The student will get support to get title from oracle company “oracle master bronze”.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

System Engineer / Web Programmer / Application Programmer

Electric Industries Course

Get to pass the really hard test without having to go on it.
To become electric user specialist!

Learning all the industries skills that is needed in the stabile engineer business world, electric industries world, railway worlds, to building management as an electric management engineer. The course is actually directed for the people who already have experience in this division. From Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the hard electric industries engineer test will get exception. The student will learn the first class advanced skill.

Course Point

  • Will get The national test title that is very hard to get “2nd, 3rd class of Electric work specialist” without having to try the test※。
  • he percentage of getting a job is almost 100%. From the registered electrician, electrical work operation and management engineer, our graduated student is having an upper hand.
  • Long years of experience and now how teaching, the student will skilled up without any difficulity.
※After graduation, if needed to get the certificate, the student could ask theschool for it.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Electrical Chief Engineer / Electronic Industry Engineer / electrical work operation and management engineer, / System Facilities Engineer / Building Management Engineer

Registered Technician Course

The inexperienced student doesn’t need to worry.
In 1 year the beginner will turn into a registered technician

1 year program to make the student as registered technician in electrical industries companies and building management, and communication management. This course is divide the lecture and the field work buy 50%, so that the student could understand the lesson better. The student will immediately get the “2nd class electric technician” after graduating, and will get supported by the school to get “1st class electric technician”.

Course Point

  • The title that is acknowledged in the country “2nd class registered technician” are offered without having to do the test.
  • Every year, 1 student could get offered from more than 30 companies. Recession is not a problem, and the school will support the student in finding a job. Of course for the student who wants to make their own business as well.
  • The student could have a \10 000 discount from the school fee.※。
※ The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare will need to approve the application.

The type of occupation that could be achieved from this course:

Registered Technician(Electric Industries Engineer) / construction management electrician / Electrical Equipment Engineer / Electrical Management Engineer

The Learning Environment

Media Hall

This hall comes complete with 2, 120 inch screens and is able to accommodate 300 people. It is used for lectures and the presentation of graduate student works. (Building 9, B-2F)
Media Hall

Digital Image Studio

The digital image studio is well equipped with workstations installed with the 3DCG design tool SOFTIMAGE, widely used by the CG and game software industries. (Building 9, 2F)
Digital Image Studio

Ensemble Rooms

Ensemble rooms equipped with guitar amplifiers, keyboards, drums and base amplifiers. 3 different size rooms are available, large, medium and small for various uses. (Building 21, 6F)
Ensemble Rooms

SE Room

The SE Room is used for all student presentations and is designed to provide students with the presentation skills required by system engineers. (Building 7, 9F)
SE Room

CG Work Station Room

The CG workstation room boasts 82 computers spread out over the 2nd and 3rd floors all installed with the 3DCG design tool Maya, also used in Hollywood. (Building 9, 2F.3F)
CG Work Station Room

Recording Studio

Recording studio equipped with pro specification Euphonix CS2000M. Lessons consist of actual recordings conducted by invited guests. (Building 6, 2F)
Recording Studio


The college library contains 16,000 volumes including technical manuals, general magazines and other literature and is fully equipped with a reference system enabling students to search for material by title and literature content. (Main building 6F)

Multipurpose Hall

A multiple-purpose hall equipped with a DLP projector with all the latest features, capable of projecting pictures of U-XGA resolution. It is used for the viewing of student presentations. (Building 7, B-2F)
Multipurpose Hall

International Affiliated Schools

  • Seoil College (Korea)
  • Gyeonggi High School of Arts (Korea)
  • Chin Min Institute of Technology (Taiwan)
  • Confederation College (Canada)
  • Cambrian College (Canada)
  • George Brown Toronto City College (Canada)
  • Sheridan College (Canada)
  • Sir Sanford Fleming College (Canada)
  • Georgian College (Canada)
  • Algonquin College (Canada)

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