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School Name
Japan Electronics College
169-8522 Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Hyakunincho 1-25-4
TEL:0120-00-9691 FAX:03-3363-7107

Message from the President

Japan Electronics College President,

Toshikuni Koga

We train specialists to contribute to the world using advanced vocational education and career training techniques.

Japan Electronics College was founded in 1951 with the mindset of contributing to the world by training extremely creative craftsmen with a nucleus centering on the electronic arts. Since founding, we have sent approximately 110,000 graduates into the industries. We have striven to train specialists in the electronic fields, and in response to the needs of the industries, we now have 20 day programs and 4 night programs which train engineers and creators.

Our school's two pillars of education in training specialists are "vocational education" and "career training." With "vocational education," we provide a high level of specialization, drawing on our many years of experience in teaching to create original teaching materials, as well as provide training environments which are the same as professional work environments. We also work with business in the industries in developing our curricula. With "career training," we provide numerous opportunities to experience active learning through normal school life. We utilize group work and other projects to foster the personal skills which businesses require, including communication skills and dealing with assignments.

The students at this school come from varied backgrounds, and include fresh high school graduates, junior college graduates, and those with work experience. They study various subjects and go out into the world as specialists. We have received high marks from the “Vocational Training Specialist Course” accreditation program started by the Ministry of Education, Culture, sports, Science, and Technology in 2014, as well as from third-party accreditation organizations*. I want everyone to achieve their dreams with the help of the reliable and practical education our school provides.

*Organization of Private Vocational School Accreditation (non-profit organization)


Awarded top prize in the vocational school division of the Nihon Ryugaku Awards 2015.*We have won four years straight since 2012.

The Nihon Ryugaku Awards 2015, in which Japanese language school instructors select best the schools for foreign students, and is sponsored by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education and the Japanese Language School Convention, was held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center on August 10, 2015. In the fourth annual event, over 166 Japanese language schools all over the country cast 471 votes to nominate the top 41 schools, including vocational schools, universities, and graduate schools. Japan Electronics College was awarded top school in the vocational school (eastern Japan region) category for the fourth year in a row.

Countries of origin for foreign and exchange students. (A total of 24 countries) *figures as of April 2015

Countries of origin for foreign and exchange students. (A total of 24 countries) *figures as of April 2015

Foreign and exchange students by program type.*figures as of April 2015

Support and Aide

Tuition aide specific to this school

Special endorsement system, tuition exemption system upon moving up a year, tuition payment plan system, continued education scholarship system, Graduate Association continued education scholarship system

Other kinds of tuition aide

Foreign Student Stimulus Scholarship, Joint International Exchange Scholarship, Shinjuku Foreign Student Stimulus Scholarship

Other kinds of support

Japanese language support, native support (Chinese, Korean language), residence support, job support

Employment Situation

Employment rates for foreign students … 95.8% (figures based on the graduating class from March 2015)
List of businesses where foreign students found employment (partial)

Creative fields

Konami, Konami Digital Entertainment, Gainax, OLM, Omnibus Japan, Digital Frontier, Xax Entertainment, Bitol Entertainment, SIMMS, Anima, CGCG Studio, Trance Arts, among many others.

IT & Electronic fields

KVH, Seattle Consulting, Japan Third Party, JESCO Holdings, NTT Comm Solutions & Engineering, NTT Data CCS, NTT-ME, ISFnet, Eitarosoft, ACHIEVO Shanghai, CLINKS, Jorudan, among many others.