Programs and Courses

CG / Image

Department of Computer Graphics

Become a CG designer and create brand new worlds.

Many of the nearly 4600 graduates of this program started with no experience and went on to become leading CG designers in the industry. They are active in a variety of fields, including movies, commercials, anime, and games. The first CG vocational training program in the country, our program is evaluated highly by the industry. With a large number of graduates working in it, this department has an extremely strong connection with the CG field.

Possible Career Options

CG Designer / CG Animator / Game CG Designer / Character Modeler

Major Points

1. Graduates working on the Final Fantasy and Pretty Cure series.
Graduates have worked on projects such as Final Fantasy, Pretty Cure, Harry Potter, Monster Hunter, and Mario Tennis, as well as Captain Harlock and Space Brothers.
2. Work as a CG designer in the CG, anime, or video game industry.
During their first year, students learn all the fundamentals of CG. In their second year, they specialize in advanced topics to go with their career choice, such as CG animation, modeling, special effects, or rigging.
3. Over 90% of students enroll with no experience.
More than 90% of the students enrolling in this program come with absolutely no knowledge of CG. However, after studying for two years, more than 90% of them manage to secure jobs in the industry as CG designers.

Department of CG Movie Production

Become a VFX creator that works with both CG and live action film.

In this program, students study VFX, which are used for many things, including movies, TV shows, commercials, and music videos. Modern video is more and more becoming a fusion of 3DCG and live action film, opportunities for students in this program are increasing. Students study not just 3DCG, but also use live action film, compositing, and editing to create videos. Graduates are working as VFX creators, CG designers, and compositors.

*VFX: special video effects created using 3DCG.

Possible Career Options

VFX Creator / Compositor / CG Designer / CG Creator

Major Points

1. Many graduates worked on projects such as Stand By Me: Doraemon and Parasyte.
Graduates have worked on the VFX for numerous projects, including the films Stand By Me: Doraemon, Parasyte, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno / The Legend Ends, and Patlabor, as well as the Kamen Rider TV series.
2. 90% employment rate within the CG and film industries.

This program boasts a high rate of employment in the CG and film industries. There are many graduates working at business such as Omnibus Japan, OLM Digital, and Toei Digital Sector Zukun Labs.

*figures based on the graduating class from March 2014.

3. Work in groups just like professionals. Learn professional production skills while in school.
VFX creators and CG designers work in teams in the CG and film industries. Experience group work while in school and learn this professional skill.

Department of Advanced Computer Graphics

Become a CG creator who can make world-class CG.

A dragon laying waste to a town; a monster made of water with an ever-changing shape; a group of heroes fighting back with magic… Learn advanced CG skills to create the effects in such high-end works, including destruction, explosions, and fluids. Upon graduating, students can become a Technical CG Creator that can use programming to create CG.

Possible Career Options

Technical CG Creator / CG Supervisor / Technical CG Director / CG Programmer / CG Creator / Motion Capture Engineer

Major Points

1. Become a technical CG creator.
One of a very small number of programs within Japan with a curriculum optimized for training the Technical CG Creators which are needed all over the world.
2. Learn the technical skills needed to work in the CG industry, including Houdini, NukeX, and Python.
Learn to use technical CG tools like Houdini and NukeX, as well as programming languages like MEL and Python. Meet the heavy demands of the CG industry.
3. Graduates work as Technical CG Creators both inside and outside the country.
With their advanced skills, graduates have worked on many famous projects, such as "Maleficent," "Transcendence," "Tangled," and "The Amazing Spider-Man."


Department of Advanced Game Development

Become a creator and make games which are popular all across the world.

Acquire all the skills necessary for game development, such as programming, design, sound, and planning. Work with several teams to create high quality games, just like game development companies. Student works have competed in the Japan Game Awards, and have even received publishing offers. We also provide many opportunities to learn directly from creators active in the industry.

Possible Career Options

Game Programmer / Game CG Designer / Game Planner / Game Director / Game Producer

Major Points

1. Learn directly from creators active in the industry.
Direct instruction from popular creators such as Keiji Inafune, responsible for the success of "Megaman," "Resident Evil," and "Onimusha."
2. Many awards won, including the Japan Game Awards.
Students of this program have won many awards, including the Japan Game Awards, the Fukuoka Game Contest, and the Asia Digital Art Award. The yearly exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show has even been covered by the media.
3. Employment opportunities include Square Enix, Sega, Konami, and Capcom.
Graduates have worked on many famous titles, including Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and We Ski. They work as programmers, designers, and planners.

Department of Game Development

Become a programmer who has both technical skills and good teamwork.

Programming is an essential skill to game development. As the earliest game development program at a vocational training school, this department has 21 years of programming teaching experience. Starting from no experience, become a programmer within two years. The class schedule systematically teachers all the necessary skills and knowledge and uses 12 original textbooks custom made to go with the classes.

Possible Career Options

Game Programmer / Game Director / Game Producer

Major Points

1. Provided staff for Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers.
Graduates have worked on many projects, such as Nintendo's Mario Party, Capcom's Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen and Soul Sacrifice, as well as smart phone games such as Capcom's Tap Tip Block'em, and D2C's Iron Run. Graduates are employed at companies such as Capcom, Sega, Konami, and Bandai Namco Games.
2. Develop more than 10 games in one year, and have an easier time job hunting.
Students of this program have won many awards, including the Japan Game Awards, the Fukuoka Game Contest, and the Asia Digital Art Award. The yearly exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show has even been covered by the media.
3. More than 80% of students acquire certifications.
Prepare for certification tests useful to job hunting in class, including the IT Passport, Business Proficiency Exam, and the IS Programming Skill Exam. More than 80% of students pass.

Department of Game Planning

Become a Game Planner and put new ideas out into the world.

Even with an original idea for a game, it takes more than just planning to make it happen. Programming and design skills are also essential. This program trains game planners in both those skills. With lectures from pros and project evaluations, game creators are trained to create games that will sell.

Possible Career Options

Game Planner / Game Director / Game Producer

Major Points

1. We train planners to be able to create a ame from scratch.
We trains game planners in all essential aspects of game development, including marketing, scenario making, writing proposals, management, design, and programming.
2. Turn ideas into games.
We provide an environment where even someone with no experience in game development can make a game in three weeks. Thoughts of "I want to make this kind of game!" can acted upon.
3. Many graduates work as game planners at places like Capcom and Vanguard.
Graduates of this program work as game planners on games of many different genres. There are many chances for students to make connections with graduates.


Department of Animation

Become an animator and draw characters that are loved all across the world.

One of the main appeals of Japanese animation is that it is hand-drawn. In this program, in addition to acquiring hand drawn skills, such as an individual sense for artwork and a skill in drawing (through still life drawing and sketching), students also learn how to use animation, from the basics to the practical. We train students with the skills necessary to be an animator.

Possible Career Options

Animator (Key Frame / In Between) / Character Designer / Animation Director

Major Points

1. Many graduates have worked on projects like Evangelion and Gundam.
Many graduates of this program have worked on projects such as the Naruto, Gundam, Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill, and Fate/stay Night TV series, as well as the Evangelion, Pokemon, and Inazuma Eleven movies.
2. Learn directly from animators still active in the field.
Learn directly from animators still working in the field and instructors with animation experience, and acquire the necessary skills for an animator. We also provide special lectures from active anime directors.
3. Many graduates are employed at popular anime companies such as Sunrise, Pierrot, and Bones.
With 87% of Japanese animation companies being nearby in Nerima and Suginami, this program has strength when it comes to job hunting. We also provide portfolio advice from active animators and many opportunities for internships.

Department of Advanced Animation

Become an anime creator who can create an entire world.

The Japanese anime industry is always taking on new challenges, like computer-generated special effects and robots made with CG. In this program, students learn the entire process of animation, starting with drawing and going all the way through making a video. We train students to be highly capable anime specialists equipped with the communication skills necessary to the industry.

Possible Career Options

Animator (Key Frame / In Between) / Character Designer / Animation Director / Finish Animation / Photography / Background Art / Production Advancement / Director

Major Points

1. Experience all the different jobs in the anime industry.
Learn all the jobs involved in anime production, including animator, finish animator, photography, background art, production advancement, and director. Find the one that matches your aspirations and skills while you study.
2. Acquire hands-on production experience.
In addition to creating a work on your own, experience working in small groups dividing up the jobs and working together to create an animation. This group production is extremely useful for working in the industry.
3. Graduates are working at OLM, T2 Studio, and Madhouse.
We provide many opportunities for internships, personal portfolio advice, company visits, and career counselling. Many of our graduates are working in the industry as anime creators.


Department of Web Design

Learn design and programming skills and become an unrivalled top creator.

In this program, students learn everything essential to a web designer, including creating proposals, presenting proposals, design development, and site building. As a student project, a business acts as a client, and students create a website to meet their requests. Work in the same way as a professional and learn hands-on skills. Our track record is clear with a total of 35 medals won in the WorldSkills National competition.

Possible Career Options

Web Designer / Web Programmer / Coder / Web Director

Major Points

1. We work with businesses to train students.
We provide many classroom opportunities, such as creating websites for clients like Nippon Travel Agency, Meiji Seika, and Ito Ham, and special lectures from famous creators and major businesses.
2. Students have received employment at large web companies such as GREE, DeNA, and CyberAgent.
Many of our graduates are employed at large businesses like Yahoo, Rakuten, GREE, and DeNA, and even CyberAgent, famous for the Ameba pigg website.
3. We have gone three times in a row as the Japanese representative to the WorldSkills competition (Britain, Germany, Brazil)

We have gone as the Japanese representatives three times in a row to the WorldSkills Competition, where young engineers from all over the world compete with their skills. In competitions for planning, production, and implementation, we came 8th in the world.* In the 2014 national competition, we took every single top rank, winning the gold, silver, and bronze medals, as well as the honorable mention.

*At the 41st WorldSkills Competition (London)

Department of Graphic Design

Become a designer that is able to work in numerous fields.

Study design for a large number of fields, including advertisement, magazine, posters, CD jackets, games, web, smart phone apps, and e-books. Present projects in classes run with the cooperation of famous businesses, and experience the actual work process of someone working at a business. Students can study basics of design at a special workshop right after enrolling, so there is no worry even if they have no experience.

Possible Career Options

Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Editorial Designer / Art Director

Major Points

1. Study cutting-edge design and pick the right path for you.
Japan Electronic places such importance on moving forward, so in addition to studying traditional graphic design, students also learn about the latest cutting-edge design tools, such as digital signage. Students study a wide variety of design genres, and can pick the one that is most right for them.
2. Graduates are working as designers in a large number of fields.
Many of our graduates are currently working as graphic designers, game designers, and app designers in the advertising industry, game industry, and the burgeoning app industry.
3. We support those without any experience by providing a start-up workshop. Become a pro in 2 years.
Right after enrolling, we run a start-up workshop, and afterward the instructors continue to act as "dream guides" to help every student reach their maximum potential. Anyone can become a full-fledged pro in 2 years!


Artificial Intelligence Systems

Become an IT engineer creating next-generation AI systems.

The ability for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to act with human-like thought from coordinating favorite clothes to simultaneous interpretation and driving cars is now possible. The collection of big data has also sparked greater prevalence of AI through corporate initiatives, the development of industrial robots, and Internet of Things (IoT) geared toward a ubiquitous society. The program cultivates next-generation IT engineers who possess full knowledge of AI, big data, and IoT in addition to conventional system development technology.

Possible Career Options

AI engineer / System engineer / Data scientist / Programmer

Major Points

1. Fully learn the knowledge and technology necessary to build state-of-the-art AI systems!
Students gain full understanding of the leading-edge technology indispensable to AI systems such as data collection via IoT sensors and big data through deep learning as well as machine learning.
2. Perfect for the future where social needs of AI engineers is growing every year!
The social needs for engineers who are able to utilize AI are growing thanks to the rapid standardization of AI systems that combine AI with big data and IoT. This program teaches the ins and outs of these technological components to cultivate next-generation IT engineers.
3. Great even for students without computer experience!
Programming technology is dedicated to AI programming that utilizes Python and Java while the curriculum taught with original texts in every course is easy to learn even for students without any computer experience.


Department of IT / Business License

Business, certifications, and computers. Become an employee who can handle anything.

We train students to be business people with essential communication and problem solving skills. Through group work projects, we give students a fun time learning. Additionally, we work with Microsoft Japan to provide a curriculum that includes the latest internet tools such as social networking and the cloud. Acquire the all-purpose skills that businesses want and which you can use in any career or industry.

Possible Career Options

Business / Sales / General Office Work / Management / Technical Support

Major Points

1. Students have found jobs at top-ranking businesses in all industries.
Our students have found jobs at top-ranking businesses such as Asahi (bicycles), Samantha Thavasa (apparel), and transcosmos (IT). Their skills are valued in all industries.
2. Learn the skills necessary for a business person in 2 years.
Have fun while learning the skills businesses want in employees from class and special activities. Skills include communication, dealing with assignments, planning, and computers.
3. 100% pass rate for MOS (Word & Excel) certification.
Excellent test strategies are taught in class, leading to a 100% pass rate on the MOS test since the program was founded 2 years ago. Students can also take on various other certification exams, such as the Journalism Proficiency Test and the Secretarial Certification Test.

Mobile Application

Department of Cell Phone & Applications

Become a mobile app programmer and spread your ideas across the world.

Along with the popular Android and iPhone smartphones, students also learn about tablet devices such as the iPad. There are also business planning classes taught by magazine, game, and anime editors, as well as business management classes taught by accountants. Acquire the skills necessary for a creator, such as business management and design, and of course app development.

Possible Career Options

Mobile App Programmer / Mobile Content Creator

Major Points

1. The first smart phone app vocational training program in Japan.
As the first educational institution that is a SoftBank Mobile certified SoftBank Solution Provider (SSP), we teach cutting-edge techniques for mobile content development.
2. Acquire all the skills necessary for planning, production, and selling.
The popular "Sugoi Benrichou" app, filled with any kind of information someone would want to look up, was created by a student in this program. Many students release apps while still in school.
3. Acquire development skills for both Android and iPhone apps.
The curriculum implements hybrid app development using HTML5. iPhone, iPad, and Android devices are used for training and testing, supporting app development for a variety of systems.

Information Business

Department of Data Processing

Become a programmer that can make people think "I can trust him to do it!"

The kind of expert most needed in the IT Industry is the programmer. We have a newcomer-friendly environment which implements the five stage “step-up” learning process, as well as six different course paths students can choose between to match their skills and preferences. This is the best program for a newcomer who knows nothing about programming language to learn from the start and become a programmer.

Possible Career Options

Programmer / Systems Management

Major Points

1. Starting from no experience, become a programmer in 2 years using the five stage step-up learning process.
Almost all students entering this program have no prior experience. We carefully guide them with programming training classes and a custom textbook. They can choose an area of study that fits them from among six course paths.
2. There are more than 40x more jobs available than there are applications, so great for job hunting!
With 48 years of history and results since the program was founded, we have sent over 20,000 graduates into the IT industry. Many work as programmers for major IT corporations such as Fujitsu, Yahoo, NTT, and Hitachi.
3. Acquire certifications useful for employment, such as the IT Passport and the Basic Information Technology Test.
The program's curriculum fulfills the certification requirements for the Information-technology Promotion Agency of Japan, so students who pass the course's final exam are exempt from the morning test for the Basic Information Technology Test.

Department of Information Systems Development

Become a system engineer armed with the skills and certifications needed to burst into the industry.

Students can become a System Engineer (SE) in two years through this program. With the aide of instructors with SE experience, we have helped a great number of students pass national certifications. Furthermore, in addition to programming skills, we teach all stages, from system design to development, so students can aim for the top of programming careers, the SE. This program is also unique in that many students have college or working experience.

Possible Career Options

System Engineer / Programmer

Major Points

1. Aim to be an SE in two years with Japan's first SE vocational training program.
Students can aim to become an SE after graduation with this program, through the guidance of active SEs and instructors with SE experience. We also provide the latest system development environments, such as the cloud. Our unique curriculum teaches all stages of development.
2. Many of our graduates are working at major IT corporations such as Hitachi, Fujitsu, NTT, and JR!
Our graduates are employed at places like Hitachi, Fujitsu Advanced Engineering, NTT Data, NHN PlayArt, and JR East Information Systems Company.
3. Using the PDCA Study Cycle, acquire the Basic Information Technology Engineer certification within six months after enrolling.

We use the teaching method of “Plan, Do, Check, Action,” to help students acquire the Basic Information Technology Engineer national certification during the autumn of their first year, and the higher level Practical Information Technology Engineer during the spring of their second. With this unique teaching schedule, many of our students pass the test every year.

Department of Advanced Data Processing

With one more year, take one more step up and become an advanced system engineer.

We work closely with IT corporations to provide internship opportunities and instruction from active SEs so students can become Advanced System Engineers (Advanced SEs). We were the first in Japan to adopt the Academy Program created by Oracle, number one in the shared database world. Many of our students pass the Oracle Master certification every year. For their graduation project, they develop a system for an actual company. Learn state-of-the-art technology such as big data and cloud. We also boast a stable record for employment.

Possible Career Options

Advanced System Engineer / Database Engineer / Project Manager

Major Points

1. With our 100% employment rate*, aim to become an Advanced SE.

Many of our graduates have found employment at places like Accenture Technology Solutions, JR East Information Systems Company, SoftBank BB, Yahoo, and Hitachi Software System Design.

*figures based on the graduating class of March 2014.

2. Acquire two certifications to helpful for job hunting: Oracle Gold and DB Specialist.
Many students acquire certifications, such as Practical Information Technology Engineer, Database Specialist, and Oracle Master Gold.
3. Learn directly from actively working system engineers and full-time instructors with SE experience.
We work with the industry to provide direct guidance from actively working system engineers. We also introduce students to internships within the industry. We work to teach the most cutting-edge skills.

Network Security

Department of Network Security

Become a security engineer and fight invisible threats.

We train students to be security engineers, capable of protecting businesses and people from the acts of ever-trickier cybercriminals, such as unauthorized computer access, malicious hacking, and computer viruses that cause serious problems. In this program, students learn the basics of the internet and networking, as well as security skills like encryption and digital authentication.

Possible Career Options

Network Security Engineer / Network Engineer / Server Administrator / Network Administrator

Major Points

1. Uses custom teaching materials developed with the aid of a large number of businesses.
We have been working with CISCO Networking Academy for 16 years. In addition to the teaching materials provided by the academy, instructors also use their own custom teaching materials to teach network engineering.
2. We have more than 200 CISCO brand routers. Learn to analyze access logs.
Basic network engineering skills are necessary for a security engineer. Our program has more than 200 CISCO routers to practice with. Learn basics of network engineering and then learn security engineering skills.
3. Many students pass certification tests such as CCNA Routing & Switching and the LPI Engineering Certification.
Many students acquire proof of their network engineering skills through the CCNA Routing & Switching and LPI Engineering Certification tests.

Electrical Industries

Department of Advanced Electrical Engineering

Become a smart energy management engineer with dual national certification as well as ecological knowledge.

In this program, in addition to acquiring national certifications as an electrician and chief electrical engineer, students also acquire certifications in electric construction management, construction management, and on-ground special radio operations. They also learn about the latest in energy technology, such as solar power, hydrogen fuel cells, and smart meters. We teach skills which fuse "energy" and "IT," such as using a smart grid to optimize energy transmission between the sending party and the receiving party.

Possible Career Options

Chief Electric Engineer / Electrician / Energy Diagnostic Professional / Energy Supervisor

Major Points

1. Attain dual certifications as both an electrician and a chief electric engineer.
Acquiring certifications from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry as an electrician and chief electric engineer, as well as in electric construction management, construction management, and on-ground special radio operations are extremely useful for finding a job.
2. Learn about new energy technologies that have been attracting attention, such as solar and hydrogen.
Learn about the latest energy technologies promoted by the Japanese government, such as the Home Energy Management System (HEMS), and also learn about ecologically friendly energy technology.
3. Learn about smart energy management and become an engineer who can help build the future.
Students don't just learn about the electric maintenance, operation, management, supervision, and construction needed by engineers up to now, but they become smart energy management engineers with skills necessary for life in the near future.

Department of Electrical Engineering

Become an energy management engineer capable of supporting comfortable living conditions.

We train students in planning, maintenance, operation, management, and supervision of electrical equipment for large structures such as airports, amusement parks, and large buildings, as well as for transport infrastructures such as railroads. With our program certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry for training chief electric engineers, students learn practical skills in class and, upon graduation, are well-prepared to work in the electric industry.

Possible Career Options

Chief Electric Engineer / Building Management Engineer / Facility Planning Engineer / Electrician

Major Points

1. 100% employment rate*.

Being so important to daily life, the energy industry always has a stable job market. The market does not sway much, so once employed students can be assured of a stable job. We also provide plenty of support to help students find a job in industry-leading businesses.

*figures based on the graduating class from March, 2014.

2. A Chief Electric Engineer program certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and the Industry makes acquiring certifications easy.

The second- and third-level Chief Electric Engineer national certification tests have about a 10% pass rate. In addition to being able to acquire these certifications without taking the exam*, students can attain the second level electrician certification by passing a simple practical skills test.

*Can be acquired without testing by submitting an application after graduation and with 2 years work experience for level 3, or 5 years work experience for level 2.

3. Learn about renewable energy sources that are becoming more popular, such as solar energy.

Learn about solar energy technology and large-scale battery technology. Learn to use information technology to manage and control electricity with the new "smart grid" power distribution system.

Department of Electronics

Become an electrician that supports people's lives from behind the scenes.

We train students to become electricians that do electric work for homes and buildings, as well as internet connection installation. Classes are taught by instructors with experience in the field with the same equipment used by professional, and so will not just help for acquiring an electrician certification, but will help out in the field. Graduates work on numerous structures on the map, such as Tokyo Disneyland, Roppongi Hills, and the Tokyo Skytree.

Possible Career Options

Electrician / Electric and Construction Engineer / Network Construction Engineer / Solar Power Construction Engineer

Major Points

1. Yearly employment rate of nearly 100%
Even during the economic slump, we have achieved nearly 100% employment rate every year. With both company workers and self-employed workers, over 3000 graduates of this program are currently working in the industry. We are heavily trusted by the industry and receive many job offers.
2. All students acquire the second level electrician certification. We also provide total support for the first level skills test.
Our program is certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, so all students receive the second level electrician certification upon advancing to the second year. We also provide plenty of support to aide students in passing the advanced first level electrician certification skills test.
3. Can choose elective courses for solar power generation or network construction.
In the first year, students acquire the second level electrician certification, and in the second year, they can choose between Solar Power Generation Systems and Network Construction and study the subject that best suits them and their future goals. Their future prospects will grow.

Department of Electronic Application Engineering

Become an electric design engineer that works on things from smart phones to satellites.

Learn about the latest in microcomputer technology, as well as the cutting-edge FPGA, which is used in electric automobiles, medical equipment, bipedal robots, man-made satellites, car navigation assistants, and smart phones. Our classes are joint-developed with businesses in the industry and use custom-made teaching materials. Study is done in stages, so even those with no prior experience can learn it without difficulty. We provide personal instruction for research projects that is related to each student's career of choice. We provide each and every student high-quality teaching based on their knowledge and aptitudes.

Possible Career Options

Electical Design Engineer / Medical Device Engineer / Microcomputer Design Engineer / Audio System Engineer / Game Device Engineer / Customer Engineer

Major Points

1. Extremely strong in employment: over 200 job offers per student.
There are over 20,000 graduates of this program. We are heavily trusted by the industry, and every year receive an overwhelming number of job offers. Male or female, you can choose a job that suits you from among many fields.
2. Practical training classes right after lectures. Classes that even the unexperienced can understand.
Immediately try out the contents of a lecture with practical training classes. By having "lecture" classes and "practice" classes immediately following one another, students can grasp both theory and application.
3. Receive high-quality personal instruction to matching your career of choice.
The FPGA and microcomputer technology taught in this program are used in an extremely large number of products. In their second year practical research project, students receive personal instruction matched to their career of choice.